GitHub & RESTFiddle

RESTFiddle is an Enterprise-grade API Management Platform for Teams. It helps you design, develop, test and release APIs.

In the beginning, I heard a lot about GitHub – open source community & I was wondering why to spend my time developing applications for others for FREE !!

Now I can say that if you are a Software Engineer .. You have to get into this world. You will learn a lot, meet new Geeks, build your online portfolio, also you will have connections in the software industry that would be very hard to meet them without GitHub.

GitHub is for programming geeks, they contribute just for the sake of learning & building something useful.

My journey started with looking for a project to join. But I had the fear of how to choose from dozens of projects you know nothing about.

As a beginner I needed some guidance to know what to do, how to contribute in such projects & how to choose one. I found all of these in RESTFiddle.

RESTFiddle was a beta version. I found this project with very simple straight documentation & a really good idea, so I asked Ranjan for how to contribute .. and here we start !!

The guys were amazing, really helpful. They were available 24/7 through mail, chat, Skype . Whatever you are comfortable with, he will be. I started contributing, fixing some bugs, developing some features.

Anuja is one of the team, I had a meeting with here. she was very helpful and kind in listening to my ideas about the projects, very flexible & also available 24/7 for help. She is one the best people I have ever talked to.

I learned a lot in this project, from technical perspective .. Ranjan will be one of the best in technical design and code review, this guy is a real compiler 🙂

I recommend to join this project, you will have a lot of fun & meet amazing people.

Special thanks for you Ranjan & Anuja for your help 🙂